Parking Management Solutions for Cities

SenSen empowers cities to better manage their parking regulation and enhance citizen security by making roads safer and congestion-free.
Our solutions help cities manage competing parking demands by providing equitable access to on-street and off-street parking, automating car park operations to improve economic activity, and promoting a safe, accessible and sustainable environment for all road users.

Multiple Solutions

Special Zone Enforcement

SenSen’s special zone enforcement is a fully automated, end-to-end enforcement solution that empowers organizations to better manage their zone rules, help to improve citizen safety and reduce traffic congestion.

Parking Enforcement

SenSen’s parking enforcement is an end-to-end automated parking violation detection solution available in handheld, fixed, and mobile variants with a cloud back-office with extensive evidence generation for all parking infringements.

ALPR Access Control

SenSen's gated and gateless ALPR access control system offers a feature-rich upgrade to the existing infrastructure to reduce queuing and wait time. Our solution eases vehicle flow and increases security for parking operators.

Parking Occupancy

SenSen's camera-based solution is a real-time parking occupancy detection that allows decentralized processing for on-street and off-street parking facilities. Our solution is scalable and secure and requires no additional infrastructure cost.

Why SenSen?

Helping Cities Improve Parking Operations

SenSen is one of the world’s leading suppliers of data-driven business process enhancement solutions. We help owners and managers of assets make more timely decisions and leverage their ROI through our video intelligence capabilities combined with our IoT devices.
SenSen provides video and AI-powered analytics software solutions to customers worldwide. The SenSen approach is fundamentally different from most vendors who operate in this space and we are known for “Solving the Impossible.”

Our Customers

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