Special Zone Enforcement

SenSen provides an automated special zone and parking regulations enforcement solution. It is an innovative, scalable, and affordable solution to patrol city streets to ensure everyone has safe and fair access to parking.
SenSen packages cameras, GPS, and highly sophisticated AI software to meet your enforcement requirements using vehicle-mounted and pole-mounted solutions.

Key Solution Benefits

Automatic privacy masking and custom data retention policies
Synchronization of enforcement zones and business rules
Live dashboard showcasing GIS location of captured plate
Automatically erases of the non-flagged vehicles data
Undeniable evidence package results in fewer contentions
Improved OHS and wellbeing of parking officers

How It Works

Special Zone Enforcement

Automatic Violation Detection

SenSen delivers a fully automated mobile enforcement solution with zero manual intervention while driving at normal speeds. The system is equipped with rugged high-end accurate GPS systems that will accurately track enforcement vehicles' location.

Our solution outfits the patrol car with an option of two or four high-resolution video cameras to capture number plate details and vehicle DNA profile (wheel position, color, markings, etc.). Images are processed inside the vehicle in real-time, adding exact location such as GIS to centimeter accuracy, date and time.
Special Zone Enforcement

Environmental Mapping Technology

Environmental Mapping Technology (EMT) is an entirely new and revolutionary approach to determining accurate GPS coordinates even when GPS signals are lost for extended periods or stretches of road. The solution exploits SenSen’s ability to detect parking signs, vehicles and the surrounding environment to overcome the GPS accuracy and availability concerns in different parts of the strategic enforcement location.
Our turnkey solution allows users to maintain a database of various signs. Based on the relativity of parking rule, sign background information and vehicle on the ground, the system can confidently confirm where a vehicle is parked in the enforcement zone even when the GPS localization fails.
Special Zone Enforcement

Flexible Integration

Our adaptive open API architecture supports 3rd party integration with various municipality and state databases. It gives you huge power and flexibility to ensure that even the most complex business requirements can be elegantly and reliable handled at volume, using the existing infrastructure that the city already maintains and own.

Optionally the system got an interface to manually enter the vehicle owner details for infringement ticket generation and vehicle look-up based on attributes like make, model, color, etc., to pace the investigations.

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Other Car Parking Solutions

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SenSen’s parking enforcement is an end-to-end automated parking violation detection solution available in handheld, fixed, and mobile variants with a cloud back-office with extensive evidence generation for all parking infringements.

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SenSen's gated and gateless ALPR access control system offers a feature-rich upgrade to the existing infrastructure to reduce queuing and wait time. Our solution eases vehicle flow and increases security for parking operators.

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