Parking Enforcement

Our end-to-end automated violation detection system is designed to assist parking enforcement officers and operators in effectively collecting evidence, issuing warnings or citations, and maximizing parking potential.
Our digital enforcement solution significantly lowers in-field errors with real-time access to databases allowing offenders to acknowledge and pay tickets promptly.

Key Solution Benefits

Schedule patrols to hotspots & busy hours based on statistical data
Scofflaw identification with automatic alerts for repeat offenders
Intuitive user interface to reduce the learning curve & high productivity
Connect your operations team with officers on the street
Keep officers safe by minimizing confrontation with angry drivers
Print or mail tickets to verified addresses from DMV database

How It Works

Parking Enforcement

Better Features, Better Control

A true force multiplier, SenSen provides next-generation vehicle recognition while keeping you in the driver’s seat of your enforcement activities. This gives you control other providers simply cannot offer.
Our fully customizable solution leverage actionable license plate and vehicle recognition data captured from fixed, mobile and handheld devices making policing more effective and efficient.
Parking Enforcement

End-to-End Automation

By upgrading to cloud-based systems, our customers eliminate labor-intensive activities such as manual chalking, writing out license plate numbers, and waiting for sensors to send overstay notifications. Instead, their time is dedicated to managing operations and higher value-added tasks.
Our fully automated, non-intrusive solution handles the complete enforcement life-cycle without the need for any mandatory human involvement.
Parking Enforcement

Comprehensive Evidence Package

SenSen’s highly professional end-to-end system allows tickets to be generated for mailing and fine collection with an unprecedented 40%* of offenders paying before the deadline.
As tickets are accompanied by high-quality photographs taken at the time of the offense, such overwhelming evidence means offenders are less likely to mount futile legal appeals.
*based on direct feedback from Council customers

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Other Car Parking Solutions

Special Zone Enforcement

SenSen’s special zone enforcement is a fully automated, end-to-end enforcement solution that empowers organizations to better manage their zones rules, help to improve citizen safety and reduce traffic congestion.

ALPR Access Control

SenSen's gated and gateless ALPR access control system offers a feature-rich upgrade to the existing infrastructure to reduce queuing and wait time. Our solution eases vehicle flow and increases security for parking operators.

Parking Occupancy

SenSen's camera-based solution is a real-time parking occupancy detection that allows decentralized processing for on-street and off-street parking facilities. Our solution is scalable and secure and requires no additional infrastructure cost.

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