ALPR Access Control

Eliminate bottlenecks at gates and increase security using vehicle license plates as access credentials. Our accurate and simple-to-implement ALPR solution can automate vehicle access control by identifying vehicle license plates and providing access for approved vehicles.
Be it a small car park or a multi-story parking facility, our system delivers the highest level of performance and reliability to improve the parking experience.

Key Solution Benefits

Digital permit verification and vehicle data logging
Cloud-based access management platform
Reduced operational expenses with remote access & monitoring
ALPR readability in tough weather and light conditions
Historical data search for ease of forensic investigation
Alarm generation on suspicious or recidivist vehicles

How It Works

ALPR Access Control

Enhances Ease of Parking

Car parks are often congested during peak hours, with an increased likelihood of accidents. Our solution is an ALPR system that works seamlessly with existing control systems allowing a smooth and easy flow of vehicles.
SenSen’s ALPR access control systems ensure reduced congestion by improving travel times allowing safe and smooth traffic flow. In turn, accurate capture of vehicle flow improves occupancy guidance with incremental benefits in efficiency and productivity.
ALPR Access Control

Improved Operational Efficiency

Access controls and boom gate access using traditional access cards are disadvantageous when cards are lost and have to be re-issued. This involves manual and administration work. Furthermore, traffic and congestion are often the results when cards are faulty or damaged.
SenSen’s ALPR access control systems gather information in real-time and reduce the administrative work required by parking operators leading to optimized processing and workflow practices.
ALPR Access Control

Improved Customer Experience

By automating the entry and exit experience, asset managers no longer have to worry about guards and parking officers at every gate. Automation allows control from anywhere.
SenSen’s system increases security level of your premise with our real-time alerts and remote monitoring for comprehensive awareness and management of parking facilities.

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