Parking Occupancy

Our solution delivers a perfect overview of the parking occupancy status for on-street and off-street parking facilities with accuracy, affordability, reliability and environmental impact in focus.
SenSen’s camera-based solution provides real-time information about vacant spaces for the navigation of drivers, who can easily find them without unnecessary wandering and traffic congestion on the streets.

Key Solution Benefits

Open APIs to support integration with enterprise software
Detection and classify vehicles in pre-defined parking slots
Covers multiple parking bays with single camera
Real-time availability reduces time and fuel wastage
Maximal flexibility of deployment in all layers
Historical information to forecast future demand

How It Works

Parking Occupancy

Smart City Infrastructure

Our system comprises a small enclosure with a sensor and batteries, that can be installed in any pole available on the curb including a parking signage pole, and it can be easily relocated with the minimal workforce.
The system can be deployed in any parking area such as on-street, off-street, multi-storey carpark, etc. with no external electricity supply and provides high performance in different environmental conditions.
Parking Occupancy

Better Utilization of Parking Spaces

Our system provides commuters with parking guidance to provide a fair and equitable parking experience to reduce congestion and improve the quality of parking experience in both on-street and off-street parking spaces.
Integration with the parking guidance system will help to route the commuters to the correct destined places, especially for commuters with disability parking requirements and loading zones.
Parking Occupancy

Better Parking Habits

Our solution correctly detects if the vehicle is parked in the wrong orientation or parked wrongly, covering multiple bays and alerts the parking operator.
This maximizes revenue and encourages drivers to park vehicles correctly, thus improving compliance. Parking data collected over time can also be analyzed to create demand-based pricing policies to encourage drivers to switch to bicycles, electric cars and carpooling.

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Other Car Parking Solutions

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SenSen’s special zone enforcement is a fully automated, end-to-end enforcement solution that empowers organizations to better manage their zones rules, help to improve citizen safety and reduce traffic congestion.

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SenSen’s parking enforcement is an end-to-end automated parking violation detection solution available in handheld, fixed, and mobile variants with a cloud back-office with extensive evidence generation for all parking infringements.

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