Digital Curb Management

Curbside Management is an emerging concept that refashions the curb lanes into multi-use or multi-mode terminals serving different curb-side users. SenSen's Curbside Analytics helps cities by providing real-time data on vehicle activity such as demand time, dwell time, parking space usage, etc. at the curb and the sidewalk. This data will be used for predictive and reactive decision-making that supports cities in urban design & planning and alerts them to take immediate action.

Key Solution Benefits

Reduces congestion by providing parking guidance
Provides data insights for decision making
Demand-based pricing from the parking occupancy metrics
Dynamic curb space usag e based on demand and time
Improves neighbourhood commercial vitality
Decreases greenhouse gas emissions

How It Works

Digital Curb Management

Pedestrian and Vehicle Analytics

SenSen can deliver the technology to detect people and vehicles. Detected vehicles can be classified within a set of predefined classes. The detected data is stored in a relational database hosted over the cloud. The solution also has a web portal with data-rich dashboards showing live data and options to browse through the historical data.
The web portal also got a reports service through which specific standard reports can be downloaded on demand in any required format. In addition, API integrations are available for direct data access.
Digital Curb Management

Data Transfer to Digital Signs

Our solution will update the collected data dynamically using electronic ink (“eInk”) digital signage. The wayfinding signage enables commuters to make informed decisions on the status of curbside and guides them for a better experience.
These dynamically updated signs will replace existing cluttered signs, enable curb users to make early informed decisions (e.g. on parking spaces, disabled access spaces, etc.), and helps commuters to have a clear representation of live conditions.
Digital Curb Management

Real-Time Data Measurement

SenSen can deliver the technology to detect people and vehicles in the camera's field of view. In addition, the proposed solution can also associate the detected object to the nearby parking space represented through a region of interest (ROI).
The solution uses advanced AI over the cloud, which can do comprehensive vehicle analytics such as vehicle type detection as car, motorcycle, truck, etc. Additional classification of cars into private vehicles and taxis, etc., are also supported through extended AI.

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